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    How Straight Shot Moving Goes Above and Beyond to Protect Your Belongings

    Never settle for a verbal agreement when it comes to protecting your belongings. At Straight Shot Moving, we will document everything we promise to you and properly explain all coverages available for your items.

    Everyone’s belongings have value, whether monetary or sentimental. Our company and staff take great care to ensure that nothing is damaged during a move. In the rare instances where damage claims may happen, we want you to know what coverage options we provide. It is important to us that you are satisfied with the amount of protection available for your belongings.

    Moving companies typically offer two types of coverage options for their clients. The first is the state-required minimum ($0.60 per lb.), and the second is full value replacement coverage.

    What does it mean when a moving company is listed as a licensed and insured business? Many people assume this means they include full value replacement coverage within their services. In reality, a licensed and insured moving company is basically one that has the proper cargo, liability, and auto coverage required by the Department of Transportation and federal, state, and other regulatory bodies. It has nothing to do with the type of coverage offered.


    How Do You Know What Coverage is Right for You?

    Read below to find out about these coverage options and the EXTRA coverage Straight Shot Moving can provide for you.

    State required minimum of $.60 per lb. (No additional charge)

    The state minimum required amount of $0.60 per lb. values your items at 60 cents per pound in the event of damage. This means your items are valued based on weight rather than the actual value.

    What does this mean if any of your items are damaged? When your belongings are covered up to $0.60 per pound, a damaged TV weighing only 10 pounds, would be compensated up to $6.00 to repair or replace the item.

    This did not seem fair to us.

    So, we added more options for coverage, FREE of charge.

    Straight Shot Moving proudly includes extra coverage for any damages that may occur at $1.20 per lb. Twice the State minimum required and what most moving companies offer.


    Full Value Replacement Coverage Option

    Do you want to get extra protection for your belongings? This might be the best coverage option for you.

    Full value replacement coverage is available at an additional cost. When you select this protection, Straight Shot Moving agrees to be liable up to a pre-set amount that represents your estimate of the value of the property being moved.

    With this coverage, we will repair, replace, or purchase items up to their current value.

    We sell this coverage at a rate at different levels of coverage and deducible options. At Straight Shot Moving, we aim to always give our customers options during the course of a move that best fits their needs.


    Full value replacement coverage conditions:

    • When applicable, a high-value sheet must be filled out to include all furniture items valued over $1000 and/or miscellaneous items we pack valued over $300. This form is important, because it is required for insurance purposes, and allows us to better prepare for the items listed.
    • The coverage value must be a minimum of $15,000.
    • The insurance cost amounts to 1.05% (1.05 cents per $100) of the declared value. Example: If the customer listed $15,000 as the current replacement value for their items, the coverage charges would be $157.50 ($15,000 x 0.0105).
    Take a look at our Declaration Of Valuation and ask for more information at any time!

    Talk to a Straight Shot Moving team member today to find out more on how to get the right protection for your belongings during a move!

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