Use our crating services in Florida to secure even your most fragile belongings for the road ahead. Let Straight Shot Moving help you ensure the safety of items.

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    Crating means building a wooden crate to protect delicate items such as marble, pictures, and chandeliers. Crating is part of packing — if it is necessary. Straight Shot Moving is here to take care of all your packing-related needs, including crating. Whether you need to safely transport large marble or glass objects, we should be your go-to choice when it comes to crating services Florida is offering. Get in touch and we will create perfect-fit, custom-made wooden crates for all your brittle and susceptible-to-breaking items.

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    Secure your belongings with custom-made crates

    Straight Shot Moving brings you a wide range of moving services

    No matter if you are moving within Florida, out of the state, or decluttering your home, and you find yourself in need of professional moving-related services, we got you covered. Besides being able to provide one of the top crating services Florida residents always gladly recommend, we can offer you premium:

    Make sure to look at the reviews and experiences our former clients share, and you will understand why most of them become loyal customers, full of nice words about our employees and the quality of services. Get in touch with our representatives if you need additional information. Both when it comes to moving or packing and crating services we excel in.

    What is crating and why it is important?

    A crate is a specialized shipping unit, mostly made of wood. Crating is the technique of designing and making the crates. Along with diligent packing services and quality supplies, crating is necessary for the protection of your valuable items. Conventional cardboard boxes can’t always provide the level of safety some items need. Hence, the use of crates is the best solution.

    Besides a wide array of comprehensive moving services, at Straight Shot Moving we offer you specialized crating services in Florida, to suit your specific needs. If your move calls for the transport of delicate items, such as chandeliers, artwork, and other valuables, it’s best to invest in their proper protection. This is to ensure that you’ll receive them safe and undamaged. Take our assistance for the expert packing and crating of your items, and enjoy your move free of worries.

    The benefits of our custom Florida crating services

    Conventional crates can’t always accommodate some of your household items. However, worry not, as we’ve got you covered in this situation too. Our custom-made wooden crates are sure to fulfill the requirements of even the most sensitive specialty items. We’ll make a bespoke crate that’ll provide the utmost care of your specific valuables. No matter if you need to move those across the state, or keep them safe in our safe and clean storage vault, rest assured that this is the best solution for your concerns.

    Wooden crates that Crating services Florida use for delicate items
    Crates are made of wood, and they provide optimal protection for delicate items

    How is a custom crate designed and why is it the best solution for your valuables?

    Since items come in many sizes, the dimensions of common crates aren’t always a good fit. We make our custom wooden crates considering the specific requirements of your items. These include the degree of fragility and the specific kind of protection needed to prevent even minor damages.

    Further, we ensure the exact build-up that fits the size and shape of your items. This is why a custom crate supports its content effectively and better than conventional packing supplies. It’s what makes it the safest option for the transport of delicate items, even during your interstate moving. To protects your valuables from any damages, as well as from moisture and drastic temperature fluctuations, give us a call today and tell us your specific needs.

    Why should you hire pro packing and crating services in Florida?

    For the most part, moving is about the transfer of your belongings from one place to another. Therefore, if your packing is done right, it will set you up on the way to a successful moving project. The pro packers at Straight Shot Moving have years of experience and have the skills to handle the task at their fingertips.

    Besides the quick and efficient process, we use the best techniques and practices to ensure the safety and security of your belongings during transport. As for more, crating is essentially the best possible way to transport any delicate or expensive items. We offer you some of the best quality services in the State of Florida, all in one place, and at competitive rates. So, don’t hesitate, and take our help, for your utter satisfaction.

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    Pro packing and crating services Florida based are the best way to ensure your belongings remain safe and free of damages during transfer

    Hire crating services – customized solutions for unique situations at competitive prices

    Our team at Streight Shot Moving is here to provide you with unparalleled moving services, and exceptional customer service and care. Hence, we will do what it takes to meet and exceed your specific needs, in regards to any area of your move. Whether you need a full-service move, a storage unit, or crating services Florida residents often use, we are at your disposal. Request your free moving quote today!

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