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    Moving can always seem like a daunting and very stressful task. In such a context, you always need a moving company that you can rely on and which will always be there for you. When it comes to a stress-free move and additional moving services, finding local moving companies in Daytona Beach, FL is often difficult. That is why we are here to help you and make sure everything goes smoothly. Straight Shot Moving has had a long tradition of handling local moves with a pristine reputation. Get your free moving estimate and let us guide you, step by step, successfully throughout the entire moving process.

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    Relocation should be a joyous occasion and, through our service, we intend to make it precisely that.

    Straight Shot Moving – one of the most reliable local moving companies in Daytona Beach, FL

    Straight Shot Moving has been a company with over 12 years of experience in the industry. This period has enabled us to gain vital know-how and experience which we will use to help you. As always, reliability and efficiency are the two keywords that define our mission in this business. Our reviews are confirmation of our professional dealing and testimony to our continued wish to bring the same quality to you.

    What sets us apart from most other moving companies is that we conduct the move ourselves from start to finish. We do not lease the moves to third parties. If you require help with other matters, we would be happy to offer a wide range of moving services that we specialize in:

    Getting the help you deserve is pretty easy with our local movers

    Once you’ve called us to get your free estimate, we’ll be sending out a team of experts who will do the job. They will talk to you in detail about moving plans. Feel free to talk about all the aspects of the move which you deem important and necessary to discuss. You should always know that we will answer any concerns or questions you might have.

    Moving is a very complex process and we will make sure that every step along the way is properly planned. Being one of the most trusted local moving companies Daytona Beach FL has, we are very upfront about all our offers. You should know that our standard local move procedure includes a 26’ Box Truck and a minimum of 2 professional movers.

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    Our experts will make a detailed and encompassing moving assessment to help you plan the move well and avoid stress while moving

    Additional benefits of moving with one of the most renowned local moving companies in Daytona Beach

    To ensure the safety of your belongings, we will provide you with 80 moving blankets and a stretch wrap. Furthermore, we will also provide all the necessary tools and five plastic bins that you can use for packing. Not only that, but we will also add full value insurance to the whole package. This way, you can rest assured that your move is in the right hands and that your possessions are insured. Grab this unique offer for your moving package.

    Put your excess stuff in our clean and secured storage units

    We know how stressful and inconvenient lacking the space at your home might be. With your permission, our company can offer specialized storage services. What this means is that we will transport and store your excess belongings safely in our storage vault. Your items can remain there until you decide to reuse them or get rid of them.

    The storage vaults are in an environment that is climate controlled, adapted to the type of items you have. In addition, it also has fire sprinklers to ensure safety and peace of mind. Finally, we also offer customer storage insurance, meaning that all your belongings are insured in the event of damage or disappearance.

    There are other ways in which you can dispose of unnecessary stuff. If you feel that you would like only a portion of your things to be stored, you can donate the rest to a charity organization. This way, you can both decrease the price you pay for storage and help someone in need.

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    The safety of stored belongings is a top priority to one of the best local moving companies Daytona Beach FL has.

    Crating as additional protection for your most delicate items

    You are probably wondering if you can additionally protect your most valuable and delicate items. Do you know someone who has had an unpleasant experience of having their valuables broken during relocation? With us, there is no need to have any angst about this. As part of our services, we offer crating for additional protection.

    Crating is a process by which we can build custom-made wooden crates to further shield items from danger. This means that if you have valuable pictures, chandeliers, etc – all of them can be safely stored within these crates for relocation. You are lucky to have one of the local moving companies Daytona Beach FL based to offer this. Glass is another very fragile material that can be protected and secured very well through crating. Call us immediately if you desire this additional layer of protection.

    Contact our local moving company in Daytona Beach for a stress-free move

    If you are searching for local moving companies in Daytona Beach, Fl, that can offer various moving services and affordable prices, we are the perfect match. With more than 12 years in the industry and numerous satisfied customers, we have what it takes to provide a carefree move no matter whether you are moving locally, long-distance, or cross-country. Contact Straight Shot Moving today, submit information for a free quote, and prepare to enjoy your move.

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