Downsides of friends helping you pack and move from DeBary, FL

It goes without saying that friends should always be there for you, in good and bad times. They’re not just there to hear you out and offer a kind word, but to extend a helping hand too. With that in mind, it’s not unusual to ask friends for a hand when relocating to a new home. This is one of the more common ways to save money on relocation. Naturally, saving money in one place helps you invest in a different aspect of the move, like new furniture. It’s no secret that one of the biggest moving expenses is hiring movers. Unless, of course, you hire skilled and affordable movers DeBary FL. But, it is important to remember that this method of moving isn’t always the best option. To solidify this point, let’s look at some of the downsides of friends helping you pack and move.

One of the major downsides of friends helping you pack and move is the lack of equipment

In most cases, lifting and carrying items back and forth is usually the first thing people associate with moving. However, this is just a small part of the whole moving experience. If you want to avoid injuries and damages, your organization requires an order. The first step to success is finding quality packing materials and a capable team from Straight Shot Moving to use them to their full potential. It goes without saying that lacking the proper tools and skills can result in injury for either you or your friends.

friends planning how to help you pack and move
Even though your friends care about you, sometimes its best to hire professionals

Here are a few more factors that make a relocation complete:

  • A large enough truck to fit your items – This is one of the most important things in your arsenal. The chance of your friends having a full-size truck to move your stuff is very small. Some may have a van, but that often isn’t enough. In comparison, professional movers have vehicles of all sizes at their disposal.
  • Navigational skills to get everything out of the house – In some cases, you’ll have to do some expert maneuvering in order to get a bed frame or closet to the truck. For example, sometimes the only method of extraction is safely jimmying an item out the window. In the best-case scenario, you can dismantle your furniture pieces and navigate them through the hallways to the flatbed. All this requires the skills only expert moves possess.
  • A strong crew for the heavy lifting – Small boxes and books are no problem. Beds and closets however are a different story. Movers have straps and carts for easy transport of heavy items. If you this on your own, you could get injured. And that’s the last thing you want on a moving day.

Experience is the absolute must if you want a successful move

If you want your move to be successful, you need to make a plan. But that plan won’t be enough if it isn’t paired with a good moving experience. This is why you need to hire long distance movers Florida, who have years of experience. Companies like this are usually in high demand because of their long history of successful moves. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid new companies. For them, this can be an incentive to strive for success and become better in their field. In any case, so long as you hire a company with good reviews and a range of available services, your move will be nothing but smooth sailing.

trailer truck driving down the highway
Professional movers have the vehicles and tools needed for a successful relocation

On the other hand, you can never be certain with your friends conducting the relocation. This is but one more of the unfortunate downsides of friends helping you pack and move. Sure, you’ll reduce your moving expenses, but at what cost?

Your goal when moving out of the city of DeBary FL is to ensure everything arrives at your new home quickly and in one piece. This can only be done through a combination of everything we’ve mentioned so far. And there’s nobody else with that kind of skillset and resources than professional movers. Unless, of course, you have friends who work in the moving industry. In any other case, it is really a gamble. You always need to be aware of the fact that your friends probably don’t have enough moving experience. Given that fact, it is a much safer decision to hire a moving company.

There’s no moving insurance when your friends help you move

We always look for security in life, no matter what we do. Whether it is moving house, going on a vacation, or renting storage Daytona Beach, we want insurance in case something unexpected happens. Unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want. One example of such a situation is moving with the help of your friends. When they help you pack and move, you’re not protected against damages or mishaps in any way. There’s no official insurance that protects you in case your priceless vase is broken or your walls get scratched during the relocation.

person signing a moving insurance contract
With proper moving insurance, you’ll have nothing to worry about

None of your friends will do anything which leads to your items getting damaged on purpose, of course. They’re your friends after all. However, even the smallest mistake can lead to irreparable damage. With that in mind, it’s probably for the best not to risk it, since it could have an impact on your friendship. This downside of friends helping you pack and move can be easily avoided by hiring a reliable team of movers and packers, who also offer good insurance coverage. With them by your side, you’ll surely have a successful moving day. Of course, there’s no ultimate guarantee that there won’t be any accidents. But if there are, you can rest assured that you will be adequately protected and compensated in case of such an event.

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