How to save money on a long-distance move from Florida

You decided on moving again and as you did before, you must organize the whole deal. Work on moving logistics, prepare for packing and find reliable movers Central Florida. Also, you must calculate and prepare your moving budget and cut costs wherever is possible. So, we will help you with the budget part by pointing out all the situations where you can save money on a long-distance move. Let’s take a look.

Choosing the right moving company will save money on a long-distance move

Probably the best money-saver when relocating home is to choose the right long distance movers Florida. Find them online by comparing prices and services. Of course, you should read a few moving reviews as well. And once you narrow your search down, you should give them a call to check if they are licensed and if they possess all the tools for the job.

A guy sitting inside a moving truck
Find an affordable and reliable moving company. Browse the market and search for a better price.

But before you contact your movers Port Orange FL you should create a personalized moving plan. Inspect your entire home and note down all belongings and furniture you are moving. This way you will know the complexity of it all and the number of packing supplies required. Note everything down onto the moving checklist and bring it to your movers. With the info you gathered, they will provide a precise moving price and ensure your move is safe and well-organized. Hence, spare some time to search for a good company and work together toward a successful and affordable moving endeavor.

Confirm they have reasonable prices

You can save money on a long-distance move if you review the moving services your movers offer. Do it thoroughly and ensure you understand what is offered. Sometimes a certain service can be appealing but unnecessary. And yes, you can let your movers suggest a service but make sure you are not swayed and manipulated into purchasing something you do not need. Therefore, inspect moving services and purchase only what you really need.

A free moving estimate will save money on a long-distance move

Most moving companies offer free onsite estimates. Basically, your movers will stop by, inspect the environment, weigh your cargo, and provide a moving quote. There is no better way of obtaining a precise moving price. So, call your movers and schedule a visit rather than obtaining a moving quote via the phone.

Make it easier

The best way to save money on a long-distance move is to downsize and declutter before moving. Yes, you can leave the excess items in one of the storage Daytona Beach offers. But maybe you should get rid of it instead and minimize your costs wherever is possible. So, while inspecting your belongings, set aside all those items you do not use anymore. Get rid of it by using one of the following methods:

  • Sell online
  • Donate to charities
  • Give to friends and family
  • Recycle or throw away
Downsize and save money on a long-distance move
If you downsize a bit you will save a lot of money on packing supplies.

If you have time, you should consider organizing a garage sale and even increase your moving budget a bit. But if you calculate moving costs before and after, you will realize that you would pay up to $300 more simply by relocating all those unnecessary items. Not to mention that they will clutter your new space as well. Therefore, downsize if possible and you will reduce the moving price and make your relocation much easier to handle.

Negotiate with movers

Remember to ask for a discount and to negotiate with movers as much as possible. You can’t lose a thing and if your movers crack under the pressure, you will gain a lot. Especially if you have a bigger relocation project on your hands and you’ll pay quite the sum. Your movers won’t reject providing a 5-10% discount or throwing in a free service or something similar. Moreover, you should know that relocation is cheaper over the colder months as it is a non-peak season. So, if you are moving during autumn or winter, you can expect up to 30% cheaper service overall. Simply because there are fewer relocations across the board. With this in mind, always ask for a discount.

Ok, now you know a few more ways to save money on a long-distance move. If you follow all the steps we covered today, you can reduce your moving cost significantly. Do the math and keep your numbers on paper to never lose track of your payments. Good luck.

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