Organize spring cleaning before moving your Port Orange home

Moving home can be very messy. And if you’re one of those people who care about how they leave a place for others, you’ll certainly want to clean up your old home before moving out. That, though, can be very time-consuming and stressful when preparing for a move. However, there are things you can do to ensure you have enough time to clean up before moving out. Hiring movers Central Florida residents love, for being very experienced and independent, can help you get the time you need to clean. What more, once you know you have enough time to complete everything you want, you’ll be a lot less stressed and a lot more relaxed. That said, spring cleaning before moving is never easy. Luckily for you, we have some tips on how to organize and execute spring cleaning with as little effort as possible.

Spring cleaning before moving shouldn’t be optional

Moving is just as hard for others as it is for you. That’s why you should be a good sport and make sure your old home is spotless before leaving it. Other moving tasks, like finding short or long distance movers Florida residents rate highly, might seem more important. And in a way they are. However, having a spring cleaning before relocating is great for both you and those moving in after you leave. If you make sure to clean, you’ll lift every cushion and look behind every dresser, and if you do so you’ll be less likely to forget anything. On top of that, cleaning will give you time to think. That can help you close the current chapter of your life and ready yourself mentally for relocation.

A woman cleaning a shower cabin.
Leaving your old home spotless for new owners is a good practice!

Organize everything in advance

As mentioned before, spring cleaning can be very time-consuming. And even more so if you’re disorganized. Because of that, you should make sure to prepare yourself well before starting the cleaning process. That way you’ll waste less time and be overall more efficient with cleaning.

Make sure you have everything you need before starting your pre-move spring cleaning

Realizing you’re missing an essential cleaning product mid-way through cleaning can be very frustrating. So to avoid negative feelings and wasting time, you should buy everything you might need in advance. You can even make a cleaning supply checklist if you want to make sure not to forget anything of importance. Keep in mind that most stores carry all sorts of cleaning products. That means that you can get all of the cleaning products you need during your regular grocery shopping. Just don’t forget your checklist!

Large spring cleaning before moving might require some help

If you live in a small apartment you’ll probably be done with cleaning in no time. However, larger apartments or houses are usually more demanding. In those cases, it’s best to ask someone for help. Be it your spouse, sibling, parent, or friend it’s all the same. Four or more hands can clean much faster than just two hands. What more, having someone help you can keep you motivated to keep going even when you get tired and want to procrastinate. On top of that, having someone to talk to or take breaks together is more fun than doing it on your own.

Clear up space before starting a spring cleaning

Cleaning when you’re home is messy and cluttered can be a nightmare. That being the case, it’s advisable to pack and store your belongings before spring cleaning. That way you won’t have to deal with a ton of things laying around. There are many storage Daytona Beach facilities, and other facilities all around Central Florida, that offer short-term storing which is perfect for storing your belongings before relocation.

A family packing for a move.
Packing and storing your belongings is a great way to clear up space for spring cleaning before moving!

Make sure you have enough time

Having great movers by your side during relocation can save you a lot of hassle. Expert movers Port Orange FL prides itself in, for example, require virtually no engagement on your behalf. That means that if you hire quality movers, you’ll be able to take care of the moving-related tasks only you can do. However, even if you hire the best movers to handle your move, you’ll still have to make some sort of a plan. Remember, cleaning always take more time than it originally seems. There’s always something else to clean. So before you begin your pre-move spring cleaning, make sure to plan the time well. It’s also better to start early. That way there’s no way you’ll have to do things last minute.

Consider professionals

If you don’t have the time to clean or you simply don’t want to clean, there are professionals that will do that for you. Professional cleaners are very experienced and thorough when it comes to cleaning. That means that your home will be spotless for the next owners after they leave. If you’re worried about the cost, know that there are budget cleaners in Florida. Just make sure that they have good reviews and satisfied clientele.

Make your spring cleaning before relocation fun

Spring cleaning before moving fun? No way! Actually, way! There are ways to make spring cleaning fun and it doesn’t require much effort. After you get a helper at least for the company, make sure to provide some form of entertainment for the two of you. Play a movie you both enjoy or play some music you can sing along to. Also, make sure there are some tasty snacks you can enjoy during your breaks. Try to keep your spring cleaning lighthearted and casual. It’s not that serious.

A father and son cleaning.
Make cleaning fun by asking someone for help!

Before-the-move spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a horrible chore

Cleaning always sounds boring and dull. What more it also sounds very stressful. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you make sure to plan and organize your spring cleaning before moving well, you’ll be done with it in no time. Just make sure you’re having fun and the cleaning won’t be a chore!

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