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    Long Distance (Interstate) Moves

    We are a national, licensed and insured long distance moving company. We handle every move we do in-house from start to finish.

    This estimate includes the following services to be performed by the carrier:

    • Professional Door to Door service.
    • Expert advice and guidance throughout the course of your move.
    • Disassembly of all standard furniture required for safe transportation.
    • Reassembly for all items disassembled by the movers on the day of pick-up.
    • Wrapping of all furniture with quilted moving blankets and the stretch wrap/rubber bands.
    • Itemized inventory indicating condition at the origin.
    • Loading & unloading of all goods.
    • All transportation, taxes, tolls, mileage, and fuel surcharges are included in this estimate.
    • Advanced cargo protection up to $20,000 based on $1.20 per pound per article; if selected at the time the estimate is prepared, the estimated cost of the full value protection option at varying deductible levels (these are only estimates and the actual cost is determined by your selection on the carriers bill of lading according to carriers tariff).
    • No elevator charges.
    • No date change penalties if your request is made more than 7 business days before your originally scheduled pick-up date. (Summer Rates are subject to change)



    Local (Hourly Rate) Moves

    If you contracted us to do an hourly rate move, your hourly rate includes the movers, the truck, and all the equipment they need to execute the job.

    Our team will:

    *Professionally wrap and blanket furniture

    *Disassemble and reassemble furniture

    *Load, Transport and Unload your furniture

    **The hourly rate is charged Port to Port which is from the time we leave our office till the time we get back to our office. Google maps will be provided to show accurate travel times from our office to the pick-up location and from the delivery location back to our office.

    **Your estimate is a good faith effort on our part to convey the number of hours we believe your job should take based on the information available to us. Please keep in mind that as much as we want the estimate to be as accurate as possible for you, it is not uncommon for the actual move duration to deviate from the estimate either upward or downward. Ultimately hourly rate moves are charged based on actual job time rather than the estimated job time (subject to a minimum charge of THREE HOURS).


    Packing Labor and Materials

    Packing and unpacking services are not included in your estimate unless they are specified as a line item in the charges section of your estimate/service agreement.

    **Please note that most electronics and fragile items (such as televisions, glass items, mirrors, etc.) require additional packing and cannot be adequately protected by blanket wrapping alone. If these items are not packed on the day of the move, we can either pack them for you for an additional charge or you can sign a “Release-of-Liability”, stating that we are not responsible if these items are damaged during the course of the move.

    Packing services can be purchased on a per unit or “all inclusive” basis.

    Please talk to your representative if you would like to add packing services in advance (if you have not already). Otherwise, it is assumed you will be doing your own packing.

    If additional packing services or materials are required on the day of your move, please be aware that additional charges may be assessed.


    Bulky Articles, Special Handling

    Some items requiring special equipment or handling may be subject to a bulky article or special handling charge. Please let your representative know if you have pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, motorcycles, rider mowers, large safes, gym equipment, grandfather clocks, or other items requiring special handling. We do not move pool (billiard) tables unless they are professionally disassembled and crated.


    Damages, Claims, Disputes and Valuation Coverage

    All moving companies are required by law to provide a Valuation Coverage of $0.60 per pound per article on your move, free of charge.

    At Straight Shot Moving Moving, we provide $1.20 per pound of valuation for your items, double the national average FREE of charge. 

    **We also have the option to purchase FULL VALUE PROTECTION for an additional fee. A price chart with deductible levels and prices will be sent with your moving estimate.

    In the unlikely event that a damage claim is required on your move please send an email to operations@straightshotmoving.com with the subject DAMAGE CLAIM (followed by your job # on the top left of your estimate). We will respond to all claims within 48 hours of receiving your email and will process settlement ASAP.

    Although our moving staff will be as careful as possible, from time to time damages may occur. If the damage is caused by our staff, at our discretion, we will: replace, repair the item or compensate for its depreciated value. China, glass, clocks, glassware, lamps, mirrors, pictures, artwork, Flat Panel Televisions, or any other fragile articles that are not packed & unpacked by Straight Shot Moving LLC will only be moved at the owner’s risk. Because the mechanical condition of electronics and appliances is unknown; we only assume responsibility for items that are mishandled or receive visible damage by our staff. We are not responsible for unprotected flooring. If due to an inherent weakness in a piece of furniture (I.E. defect, prior repair, unstable construction) damage occurs, you understand that we will not be liable for any damage(s) to that piece. Straight Shot Moving LLC is only responsible for items in our immediate care. Straight Shot Moving LLC assumes no responsibility for money, jewelry, or other valuables, please make sure these items are safely put away before our moving crew arrives. Straight Shot Moving LLC’s policy regarding particle board/ready-to-assemble furniture: These items are not structurally created to be moved once assembled, we will not repair or replace these items in the event they are damaged during the move. Straight Shot Moving LLC will not be responsible for claims not specified on this contract. Please inspect all goods before signing this release section of this contract.

    **Damages – NOT COVERED with insurance

    We do not cover any furniture that is made of Particle Board.

    We do not cover any furniture from Amazon, Ikea, or Wayfair due to the item once assembled is not meant to be moved.

    We do not cover TVs unless we see them in working condition prior to moving and they must be packed in a box by Straight Shot Moving.

    We do not cover pictures/mirrors/glass unless they are packed in a box. (if we are required to box the items, there will be additional charges.)

    We do not cover boxes that are “packed by owner”.

    We do not cover electronics that are “packed by owner”.

    We do not cover mattresses unless they are in a mattress bag or box.

    Please note that stop payments, charge disputes, and withholding payments are not legal remedies to settle a move claim.


    Payment Terms and Cash Discounts

    Payment: Payment can be made by cash or debit card (2% transaction fee applies). If Straight Shot Moving LLC is required to take any legal action in an effort to collect any outstanding debt arising from this agreement, this contract grants Straight Shot Moving LLC the express right to recover our reasonable attorney’s fees, interest, cost (including court costs), expenses and collection fees from you. Straight Shot Moving LLC reserves the right to collect for services rendered before the move is completed. Subject to federal law, payment in FULL of all charges is required before delivery and prior to unloading – Subject to the 110% law, if applicable. If payment is not made, then Straight Shot Moving LLC may place the goods in storage until payment is made; in such case, the customer will be responsible for all storage and re-delivery fees.

    Payment schedule for long distance moves: 10% Deposit, 50% of the remaining balance at pick-up, 50% of the remaining balance at delivery to be paid BEFORE unloading. 

    Payment schedule for local moves: $100 deposit, remaining balance paid after or before delivery.

    Acceptable forms of payment include Cashiers Checks, Postal Money Order, Cash or Zelle Payments.



    Deposits, Cancellations, and Rescheduled Moves

    Long Distance: We require a 10% deposit per truck reserved to secure a reservation. The deposit is 100% refundable (minus 5% transaction fee) up to 7 days prior to your original move date by sending a cancellation email to operations@straightshotmoving.com with the subject CANCEL MY MOVE (followed by your job #). Moves can be rescheduled up to 72 hours prior to your original move date without penalty. Moves rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a $500 rescheduling fee. Moves canceled with less than 72 hours notice would forfeit the deposit amount.

    Local: We charge a $100 deposit for any upcoming intrastate moves. We do ask that a 72 hour notice be given if you are going to cancel a move and a 5-day notice be given if you plan on rescheduling your future move.


    Electronic Signature

    By signing this estimate/work order electronically or in person you are agreeing to the terms and disclosures herein including the cancellation policy. You have authorized Straight Shot Moving LLC to add a credit card to your file and this credit card will be used for any subsequent charges incurred should no other payment method be provided upon completion of your move. You certify that you are the credit card holder or authorized user. You further agree to the prohibition of stop payments or credit card disputes to resolve disputes or claims. All sales are final.

    Click on the following links for the “Your Rights and Responsibilities” and “Ready to Move” Brochure. Which is required to be given by every interstate moving carrier.

    Straight Shot Moving is a registered Florida Mover

    Registration # IM3327

    DOT# 3463308       MC#1131200

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