When is the cheapest time to relocate from Florida

Moving can be rather expensive. That means that most people moving are looking for ways to make the process as cheap as possible. Keep in mind that you should cut costs mindfully. It’s not the best idea to cheap out on a fundamental part of a move – for example, movers. However, there are ways to save money and still move safely. It’s always best to hire trustworthy movers, like movers Deltona FL residents praise for their skills and services. But before you give a call to your movers of choice, there are other things you should consider. One such thing is when is the cheapest time to relocate from Florida. This small consideration might save you a bunch of money while still allowing you to move with the best movers Florida offers. Here are some tips that might help you choose the right time to relocate without breaking a bank.

The cheapest time to move from Florida is mostly tied to seasons

Florida is notorious for having a pretty leveled climate throughout all seasons. That means that you won’t be met with any harsh conditions during your move no matter what time of the year you pick for a move. Still, it’s very important to be mindful of other factors that contribute to the costs of moving.

A landscape of Florida.
The weather in Florida is pleasant all year round which makes it perfect for winter relocations!

Most people like to move during spring and summer. And even though that makes sense for states or countries that suffer from blizzards and snowstorms during that time of the year, that isn’t much of a contributing factor when it comes to Florida. Still, most top moving companies Central Florida offers have the most business in the spring and summer. Because of that, the prices are much lower during the winter and fall months. That being the case means that the budget-friendly time to relocate from Florida is actually during fall and winter.

Even though mild, the weather is still a contributing factor

Florida usually has mild weather, yes, but there are still some weather-related inconveniences you can encounter when moving to, from, or in Florida. Heat is definitely not an issue during the fall and winter months. However, if you still decide to move in the summer, you should be ready for everything that the Floridian heat brings. That’s perhaps one more reason to leave moving for fall or winter if you can.

What you should be very mindful of, however, is the rain. The rain season in Florida runs from May until October. That means that you can expect you and your boxes to get soaked on your moving day. Keep in mind though that rain is very unpredictable. You can have a very dry moving day during summer, and a very not-so-dry moving day during winter. However, when planning a move it’s best to plan according to weather trends.

If you’re looking for the cheapest time to relocate from Florida beware of the holidays

Like everything else, moving is much more expensive around the holidays. That’s why you should avoid moving around the holidays like the plague if you’re looking to move on a budget. And even if you’re well off financially, you can still save a pretty penny by avoiding the holiday season. On top of that, who would even want to move during that time of the year? Holidays are for relaxing, getting chubby, and enjoying quality time with your family. So it’s best to postpone moving until the holiday season is over. Looking for the best time to relocate from Florida on a budget? Cross out the holiday dates, because those just ain’t it!

A family enjoying Christmas holidays.
Holidays are not the cheapest time to relocate from Florida!

Holidays are all year round and you should plan around them

Don’t forget that there are public holidays all year round not only in December! That might be the longest and the most exciting holiday time, but there are many other dates you should keep in mind when planning a relocation. The most notable ones and this year’s dates are:

  • New Year’s day which runs through December 31st and January 1st
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day which is on the 18th of January
  • Memorial Day which is on May 31st
  • Independence day which is on July 4th
  • Labor Day which is on the 6th of September
  • Veterans Day which is on November 11th
  • Thanksgiving which is on November 25th
  • Christmas Day which is on December 24th

Most companies won’t even work on these particular days. However, once they are open for business they are usually swarmed by people that need moving and thus their prices rise. Because of that, it’s best to avoid moving around the holidays if you’re hoping to move during the cheapest time for Florida relocations but still wish to move with some of the best long distance movers Florida has to offer right now.

Even the cheapest times to relocate from Florida require budgeting

If you’re doing well with money don’t fall into the trap of not budgeting your move. You should budget even before you start looking for ways to relocate cheaply. Knowing how much money you have to spend can be a great guideline for planning a move. Finding the cheapest options often requires being very flexible and compromising quite a bit. However, if you budget your move well, you might be able to compromise where it’s easy and spend a little more where it’s more convenient. So before you start planning make sure to do some budgeting to save yourself some trouble down the line!

A woman budgeting.
Budgeting is important even if you have plenty of money to spend!

What is the verdict?

Whatever moving-related service you need in Florida, be it the quality storage Daytona Beach offers, or the best packers in Deltona, there are ways to save money and still enjoy the quality Central Florida movers offer. However, to save money you have to invest time and consider many-a-thing. As mentioned before, one such thing is the best time to move. So what is the cheapest time to relocate from Florida? All things considered, it’s perhaps November through March, excluding the time around the holidays. It’s also important to contact your movers well in advance and make sure they have the time for your move exactly when you wish to move!

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