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    Perhaps the most emotionally demanding and time-consuming type of a move is a long-distance move. It requires serious dedication, effort, will, and emotional strength. Juggling both your daily life and an upcoming move can be extremely stressful. That’s why getting professional help is mandatory if you’re hoping to have a positive moving experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving within or out of Florida, you can surely benefit from hiring experienced long distance movers in Florida. Straight Shot Moving is a safe choice to help you along the way on your moving journey. Contact us or apply for a free estimate and ensure a carefree move.

    a couple packing and waiting for long distance movers Florida to come
    Hiring expert movers can make your move more enjoyable!

    Every move can be an excellent move with Straight Shot Moving

    The quality we deem important in moving is hidden in our very name, “Straight Shot”. That means that we go directly from point A to point B, and we do so efficiently and effectively. We also have some of the fastest delivery times among all long-distance Florida movers. Additionally, we offer moving services to a full array of lower-48 states. That being the case, it’s rare that at least some of our trucks aren’t running moves across the country at any given time.

    Apart from priding ourselves in offering speed, choices, and availability, we also like to believe that we understand what moving means to our customers. We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers, but we also strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience as well.

    The perks of moving with the best long distance movers Florida has

    When it comes to moving companies, not all offer the same services, tools, and supplies. Some of them offer a very limited range of services, but of great quality. These companies have very narrow specializations and are usually good at what they do if they put the time and effort to learn and grow. Other companies also offer great quality but offer a wider spectrum of services.

    However, some moving companies simply lack the quality regardless of the number of services they offer. Here, at Straight Shot Moving, we’ve given it our all to be the best we can be. Our goal is to be the best in all the services that you might need for a complete moving journey, including quality long distance moving.

    A hard working long distance mover carrying a box
    Quality movers can significantly contribute to your moving experience!

    Expect transparent communication no matter what package you choose

    Long-distance moving requires great communication between the company and the client. This usually comes naturally to experienced long distance moving companies in Florida. This does not only include good communication during a moving day but also during moving preparations. As a company, communicating what you offer openly to your clients is of the utmost importance. Especially if you are facing interstate relocation.

    Ideally, we’d want our clients to be well informed and prepared in advance so that together we could have a smooth moving process. No matter if you are moving within the State of Florida or further. For that reason, our lines are open to our customers for any further information they might need.

    But what do long-distance moving packages actually include?

    • Modern 26ft box trucks to store all your possessions.
    • In-truck GPS navigation for fastest and most secure routes from your old home to your new one.
    • Professional and experienced long distance movers Florida residents trust, to take care of you and your property during relocation.
    • 100 moving blankets to protect your belongings.
    • Stretch wrap for any on-the-go packing, repacking, or protection.
    • Highly used moving tools such as dollies, toolsets, and straps.
    • Door jamb protectors to protect your living or workspace from unnecessary bumps and scrapes.
    • Runners and other floor protection to keep your floors as good as new.
    • Guaranteed pick-up and delivery for your convenience.
    • Full value insurance to lessen the stress caused by potential damages to your property.

    It’s also important to mention that all of our moves are done in-house and never brokered out. We are a national household goods carrier, and our goal is to bring you the best of the best long-distance moving that’s safe and secure. Your trust is our priority!

    Moving services to suit all your moving demands

    When moving locally, you and your possessions require equally as much care as when moving long distances. That being the case, you can expect just as much effort and dedication from Straight Shot Moving even when moving locally. We offer local moving services in Daytona Beach and all of Volusia County. And alike to any other moving service we offer we put 100% into local moving.

    In order to facilitate your move as much as possible, we offer additional moving services such as:

    • Packing & supplies – you can choose to either pack on your own, or hire our experts to save your valuable time and help you secure the property.
    • Crating – in case you have some extremely fragile or oddly shaped items, our custom-made crates will ensure the complete safety of your possessions.
    • Storage services – rent clean and secure storage vaults for the safekeeping of your belongings.
    Hard working mover closing a box with duct tape.
    High quality and up to date moving equipment, tools, and supplies are equally as important as good moving staff!

    Straight Shot moving – one of the best long distance movers in Florida you can trust

    We have been in the industry for over 12 years now. Because of that, we have the experience and crew to complete any move we take on. Not only that, but we see every move as a special occasion since what’s for us a routine, for our customers is a rare and meaningful experience. For that reason, and many more, we take moving our customers’ homes very seriously.

    Our vast experience has also thought us that keeping up with technological advancement and innovation is key to success. That is the reason why we make sure to keep our tools and equipment up to date and well serviced. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority. Because of that, every action we take towards bettering ourselves is with you in mind.

    On top of that, we only hire reliable and dedicated workers that are willing to learn and grow together with our company. Our employees work hard and work together, to ensure smooth moving for all our clients. It’s also important to note that we don’t only care about your property and relocating it safely, but we also care about you. We take our clients’ emotional and physical well-being seriously, and thus we train our workers to recognize when and how to offer appropriate help or support. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. A goal we work tirelessly to achieve.

    A man and a woman shaking hands
    Your trust and safety are our primary concerns!

    Pick up your phone today and start your moving adventure

    Moving long distance can be hard and overwhelming. And when that’s the case, you can miss out on so many wonderful changes and opportunities it brings. Hiring reliable assistance that understands their customers is the best way to mitigate the effects of moving stress so that your relocation can be as enjoyable and as productive as it can be. With Straight Shot Moving, you can have the moving experience you have always hoped to have. Contact us today to start your moving venture with the best long distance movers Florida has to offer!

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